Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Little Princess Love~

Little Princess love :)
I'ts my dream .

I wanna be a little princess, who loved by all people .
I wanna be a little princess, with a beautiful dress .
I wanna be a little princess, who will marry a prince. HANDSOME PRINCE.

But, when it can be real ?
I tired to make a hope. I tired and very tired.
I want to kill my self and I want to be an angel.
Angel with a beautiful wings and a smile in it's face.
Oh my god~ I make a hope again.

Just one. I want meet donghae oppa, I Want meet Super Junior oppa, I want to talk with them, I want to make a smile in their face, and I want to sing a song for them.
But, WHEN ? When I can do it ?

I'm a little princess with a hope that impossible to be real :(
God~ I hope suju oppa read it :)

I want meet them ~Super Junior~

*From ELF - Cipikslounmelemoth*

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